It seems like a modern society should improve as the decades go by. I think of life when I became an adult and how things have changed. When I was in the 4th grade- if you asked students to raise their hand if they lived at home with their real Mom & Dad, and those people were married to each other- most hands would probably go up.

I never remember health care being a big concern at the time. Some of us had 3 or 4 brothers and sisters and maybe even a stay at home Mom. Dad might have had a Joe Sixpack job that came with a pension.

We got shots at school. Food sensitivities and allergies seemed much less common. We saw medicine ads on TV for Pepto-Bismol and Doan’s Pills. Today, the TV prompts us to ask our doctor if we can be written up for meds with chronic side effects.

How about using legal anti-depression meds that may bring on thoughts of suicide (0:34)

Don’t grow a marijuana plant in the back yard though, that would be completely off-limits.


College/student loans seemed to be manageable 40 years ago. People my age would go to Alaska and work summers on a fishing boat. It all seemed to work out.

Race relations seem much more tense over the past couple of years than when I was a young adult.

Homelessness and Heroin addiction seem to be much bigger problems today- even though billions of dollars have been spent on the US Dept. of Homeland Security and troops sent to Iraq and Afghanistan to keep bad people from coming here to do bad things.


Young adults today live with undeclared/unwon wars that never end. Today we’re told that The Troops are in distant lands protecting American rights and freedoms. As a child, I have no memory of people stepping over to say “Thanks for your service” to my Dad- who did time in the Navy in the 50s- but looked just like anyone else out in public.

If there is an honest reason to send people away into decades of undeclared/unwon wars overseas (The Department of Defense track record goes back to 1949) let’s hear all about it.

Why do we pretend that the US Armed Forces function as some sort of giant civil rights organization?

In some cases, the US Armed Forces provide for our physical security. That’s as good as it gets.

In terms of American rights and freedoms- The Dept. of Defense has no more say than the Dept. of Agriculture.


Voting- there’s been a lot of it in recent decades. Over the past 25 years, candidates from both major parties and a wide range of political personalities have been elected President. Five presidential administrations have now had their hands on the wheel in Iraq.

When high level politicians run for reelection in congress- they tell voters what their priorities are. The list will look something like this: Jobs, economy, health care, environment, education, student loans, veterans, etc. This is a reminder of what does not change. A list of things that did not get fixed after the last election. Newspeople tell us this is a “key election” to keep us tuned in on their coverage.

What stays the same no matter what political party or personality is in power?

Failed Wars that Never End.

The Heroin Racket.

A secretive, wasteful, and ineffective US Dept. of Homeland Security.

The ongoing glorification of military service.

Federal prohibition of hemp and marijuana.

Guantanamo prison. Did the advantage of Guantanamo allow the undeclared wars in Iraq or Afghanistan to be won or shut down?

And newspeople who do not ask questions.




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Photo- Oak Harbor traffic patterns


Oak Bay Starfish

West of Penn Cove, two bluff trails offer views of the Olympic Mountains, Admiralty Inlet and the Strait of Juan De Fuca. These two trails are not connected.

The photo above is taken at Hill Road. The Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail runs along the high ground in the distance. Further north is the Fort Ebey Bluff Trail.

Fort Ebey State Park Bluff Trail

You can park near the beach at Fort Ebey and access the trail just next to the parking area. Before starting the hike, I like to take a look at what’s happening at the beach. This trail runs through brushy areas towards the high ground. I’ve never seen Salal this tall anywhere else.

Soon after starting the hike you will be above Point Partridge, where you can get a look at the water from the top of an old artillery spotting site. A line from Point Partridge…

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2018 – My Two basic rules for marijuana:

Do not furnish to minors.

Do not drive while impaired.


1978 – Public High School:

Marijuana was commonly available to all at the public high school I attended in the late 70s. People weren’t waiting for ballot initiatives, Governors, Mayors or the Washington state Attorney General to give their blessing.

Honor Roll students sampled it too. Somehow they went on to lead productive lives. Somehow they avoided worst-case scenarios of abuse.

Today- “Eight states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use…”

Medical Marijuana is now at 29 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC

I am 57 years old and the federal government still struggles with marijuana prohibition.

Where are the voters who promote smaller and limited government? Are they the ones who are OK with undeclared/unwon wars that never end? Wars that are explained away as wars for our freedoms?

It took a constitutional amendment to prohibit the sale of a glass of wine- why no constitutional amendment to authorize a federal war on drugs, drug czar, prohibition of marijuana, etc.


Washington State is lazy.

Asking a few questions here is not to defend operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, legal or illegal drugs or marijuana.

Medical marijuana has been legal here since 1998.

Has I-692 caused problems on the highways?

If this was an honest concern- what was the state waiting on? The state made no moves to address marijuana DUIs until after legal recreational use was voted on in November of 2012.

July 20, 2017:

‘Not backed by science’: Washington still struggles with marijuana DUI limit

People have been able to get behind the wheel after using marijuana for decades.

This would remain so- even if medical or recreational use of marijuana never became legal.

Maybe the Washington State Patrol saw this as a non-issue for all these years?

My view is that traffic safety professionals should initiate recommendations on speed limits, guard rails, road signs, traffic lights, DUI protocols, etc.

A new testing protocol was forced on the traffic safety professionals of our state by the voters.

Where is the marijuana related accident data of the past 20 years?

If there has been a problem on the roads- why did the Washington State Patrol make no recommendations on how to address the situation prior to 2012?

More here:

The law should not divide adults into groups of first & second class citizens. Why I Stopped Voting

The Freedom Talk is Just for Federal Holidays & Overseas Military Operations

Why do we pretend that the US Armed Forces function as some sort of giant civil rights organization? Veterans Earn Rights?


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Fog Clears – Hill Road


Whidbey Island – Double Bluff

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Here’s something that has changed since I was growing up in the 60s & 70s.

In the news:

“Jessie Goline, a 25-year-old former Arkansas art teacher, is accused of sexual assault after police said she had sex with four of her students at her apartment, including two in the same night.”

No longer new & different, more like: another one.

Frequent nationwide updates here.


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Photo- 1960s elementary school valentine- set aside with items my parents had saved.

Halloween still seven weeks out.

Local authorities dictate a 1.5 hour window for trick-or-treat time 2017:

Trick-or-treat in city limits Oct. 31

Your family will start at 6:00 and be done for the year at 7:30 p.m.

Several locations have decided that your family will be done Trick-or-Treating for the year at 7:00 p.m. on the 31st.

Who gets to make decisions on how your family will behave? Not parents? Not you & the others who live in the cul-de-sac? Not the people who planned the block party last summer? Not the people who have created and enjoyed Halloween traditions in the neighborhood?

Same country that made a big deal of celebrating freedom & independence early in July.

When did government authorities take on the role of deciding when families/kids go out to trick-or-treat?

No such effort when I was growing up.


Parental roles update:

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Too early for Halloween decorations?






Photo- Phone booth at remote campground with no camp host or cell reception.


Don’t wait to move to a more affordable area.

Don’t wait for the right politician to enter office.

Maintain the ability to pass a drug test.

Learn from the mistakes of others.

Stay away from heroin, meth, cocaine, etc.

Don’t believe that you have to go to college in order to make it.

Aim towards living debt free.

Be ready to pay your dues at a young age.

Be on time.

Be ready to work odd hours, odd shifts, and to deal with commuting.

Be ready to work outside in bad weather.

Be ready to relocate.

Be ready to take on more responsibility.

Don’t make excuses.

Use your imagination.

Don’t be a victim.

Don’t hang out with victims.

Stay away from negative peer pressure.

Care about your reputation.

Have a plan to move up.


Many successful people once worked for minimum wage. Find them and ask them how they moved up.

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Welcome Visitors

Rent yourself a State Parks buoy at Fort Worden

Voted best consumer value in weekend recreation.



Just came across this: “24 Absolutely Horrendous Vintage Recipes”

Comments below the article are a must-read.

I suspect these recipes were created by the marketing people who were out to sell more convenience foods in the old days.

Tomato aspic is the one I remember from growing up in the 60s & 70s.

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When did scary Halloween decorations turn into this?


Scary is OK for Halloween-

Halloween Safety Tips 2015

Each November, school teachers across America host Veterans Day assemblies– and promote the idea that The Troops are in distant lands- fighting for American rights and freedoms.

Growing up in the 60s & 70s- veterans were all around- church, school, Boy Scout leaders, family, the neighborhood, etc. It was all just an average thing. These folks weren’t seen as a separate part of American society.

People weren’t stepping over to say “Thanks for your service” to my Dad- who did time in the Navy in the 50s- but looked just like anyone else out in public.

These guys weren’t lining up for free dinner promotions marketed by major restaurant chains.

Veteran’s Day 2014:

Huge number of comments Re: what sort of ID is proper to get free & discounted stuff-

Where are the veterans who don’t want free meals, discounts, head of the line privileges at the airport, etc.



I think it is strange that modern American culture sees veterans as separate & different from the rest of society:

Veteran’s parking spaces at Home Depot

There is no possibility that I would use one of these spots.

Meet some veterans who have become disgruntled Re: discount availability:

“Home Depot No Longer Honors all Veterans”

Well done guys.

“Memorial Day Freebies & Events For Active Military And Veterans”



Undeclared/unwon wars that never end?


The purpose is to protect our freedoms:

I think this may be some sort of post-Vietnam guilt at work. The guilt doesn’t seem to work towards ending decades of undeclared wars overseas.

Pro sports almost worships The Troops these days. Halftime sports announcers tell us that overseas military operations are somehow about American rights and freedoms.


The worst of it is individuals who claim that Americans wouldn’t have the freedom to post comments on newspaper websites if people had not given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect that freedom.

Hey school teachers– where did this idea come from? Were US troops sent to Vietnam so that Americans could be free to send letters to the editor?

Is there any case in which the US Armed Forces have been sent to distant lands on a mission to protect freedom of speech?

Is protecting freedom of speech even part of training scenarios?

If The Troops are fighting for your freedom to share ideas on the web- why would you be scolded for doing so?


More here:

Veterans Earn Rights?

Ongoing Militarization of American Culture

Goodbye Armistice Day


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Photo- Port Hadlock Transit Center