Update: Reviewing credit card statement on 9/25/2020 and found mystery charge for $5.95 posted on 7/29/20.

Description of charge on credit card statement: “PARTS 07936”, a 1 800 number was also posted in the description on the statement. Went to the web and looked up the phone number. It belongs to Sears.

Wife called Sears Hometown store to ask about $5.95 mystery charge. She is told that it is a shipping charge for the return of the original part. Not sure why Sears does not notify customers of shipping return fee. Not sure why Sears did not describe shipping charge for return of item on the credit card statement.

Sears says they will send a check to refund our original purchase plus the $5.95 return shipping fee.


Update: 7/31/2020 Refund to credit card posted on 7/30/2020.

Refund amount is less than order total and does not add up Re: charge for shipping or charge for tax. Not sure why.


Update: 7/30/2020 After requesting cancelation of order and refund to credit card twice (on 7/9/2020 and 7/13/2020) item was shipped and arrived at our home on 7/17/2020.

On 7/25/2020 unopened package containing part was taken back to local Sears store.

On 7/28/2020 Sears sent an e-mail saying refund has been processed. Refund amount is less than order total and does not add up Re: charge for shipping or charge for tax. Not sure why.

Refund has not posted as of 7/30/2020.


Update: 7/16/2020 Refund to credit card has not been posted.

An e-mail from sears arrived on 7/14/2020 saying order has shipped.

An e-mail from sears arrived on 7/15/2020:

We have received a request to cancel the parts on your order #XXX. Per our records, the order is shipped with tracking # XXX.

Once you have received the parts, please visit our website to return the parts. Please follow the following steps to return. 8 steps are listed.


Update: 7/13/2020

When I spoke on the phone to person #3 on 7/9/2020 (Delivery Day) I requested cancellation of order and refund to credit card.

I have been checking and have not seen a refund. No problem, as long as it gets done.

7/13/2020 First thing Monday morning, an e-mail from sears saying order will be delayed. Found a link to cancel order in e-mail. Following that link took me around in circles. Finally found form to fill out to cancel order. Filled in all info and red box pops up saying order cannot be located. Wife calls local store to request cancelation of order.


Original post:

Went to a small town store to order a dryer part on 7/6.

The people who work in the store are friendly and efficient.

Ordered the part and paid with a credit card. Left the store with a 7/9 delivery date in writing.

Came home and had an e-mail saying the order is being processed and the next step is to get a shipping confirmation/tracking number sent by e-mail.

Delivery day is here and no shipping confirmation.

Called 1-800 Sears.

Spoke to person #1 who said the parts dept. would need to look into the order status.

Was given the parts dept. phone number in case the call dropped off.

Placed on hold for parts dept. Parts dept. came on the line to help. Placed on permanent hold by parts dept. No way to tell if call was still active, no hold music/message.

Called back to parts dept. Was told by person #3 that part was on back order. No estimate on arrival time.

When was Sears going to notify me on this?

Each person on the line can only answer for their part of the job. Customer must deal with entire process.


Recommendation to those who work in Sears tall office buildings out of state:

Be honest and keep it simple.

Do not tell me of a 7/9 delivery date if part may not be available.

Notify me immediately if part is on back order.

Major purchases need to take place on occasion. Will not plan to make a purchase if Sears ordering/processing/status updates and customer service is a tortuous process.


My parent’s generation were loyal to Sears. I’m good with that.

As the decades went by, Sears could have looked over the fence and noticed that maybe they are doing something to make customers happy over at Costco, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, FedEx, UPS, etc.

Whatever these other companies were doing to get things going were not business secrets. Sears could have taken the best of what was going on in the world of customer service and made it their own.

Good with the idea of buying local, buying American and supporting local businesses. It needs to be a two-way street.


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