Attended an occasion for a small child recently. Several gifts were unwrapped. One of them was a toy TV remote. Unlike big people remotes, this one comes with sounds and flashing lights, as if you are working the slots over at the local casino.

We attended a different family event several years ago. A child had a toy cell phone. None of my business.

Get ’em started early on that TV habit folks:

Tv remote toy is for children 6 months to 3 years old…”

From comments:

This toy works great if brainwashing your toddler to watch endless TV is your goal.”

One of the children at the party the other day pointed the remote at an adult and pressed the button in an attempt to mute them.

It plays little recorded encouragements like “Let’s change the channel!” when the child hasn’t pushed any buttons in a few seconds. This defeats the entire purpose of a toy like this, which should be teaching cause and effect (push button, hear noise; push different button, hear different noise). Plus it’s just annoying as all get out.”

TV remotes were available in the 1950s, so they have been around for a while. I don’t remember them showing up as kid’s toys back in the 60s.

Children have always enjoyed pretending. In the real world, times have changed.

It feels sad to know that these kids are entering a world where it is seen as unsafe or controversial to walk back and forth from the school bus stop. Today we see parents waiting at the bus stop to pick up their children each afternoon. Driving them home from the bus stop seems to be a popular option here, in a neighborhood not known for crime, gang activity, sex offenders, etc.

Similar concerns probably have moved traditional Halloween activities on towards extinction.

It’s clear the WWII generation is mostly gone now.

A message to teach you and your family how to put candy into a bowl so you can pass it out to trick or treaters:

Sad to know that today, some schools are doing away with student lockers because they might be used for storage of unsafe or illegal items. Banning the use of lockers means teaching students that good citizens and troublemakers are to be treated the same, thereby removing consequences and incentives for individual behavior.

Good citizens enjoy privileges and responsibilities like the use of school lockers. Should good citizens give up their privileges because of the actions or potential actions of troublemakers?

Times have changed.

I’m always happy to see moms and dads out with their kids on the local trails enjoying some reality-based entertainment. Away from the TV remote and maybe the smart phone for a little quality time. This stuff was good a hundred years ago.

See you out there.

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