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Photo above- Sailing at Port Townsend

Hey Port Townsend-
You live in a maritime town- act like it.
“Boating season starts May 2 with parade on Port Townsend Bay”
Port Townsend Bay?

Local papers often use the redundant “Port Townsend Bay” when describing sailing races, etc. at Port Townsend. The proper name for the body of water is: Port Townsend. Check any navigation chart.

The body of water was named before the town existed.

Oak Harbor too:

“Hydroplanes will skip atop Oak Harbor Bay for the third consecutive year…”

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Photo above- Keystone ferry inbound.

“Keystone terminal gives way to ‘Coupeville’ ferry”

Coupeville/Penn Cove is on the eastern shore of Whidbey Island- no ferry link to Port Townsend exists there.

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A lonely beach at Keystone Spit-
Olympic Mountains in the distance.